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Dream 6: Dream 6

Buzz Gamble & Johnette Napolitano: Cheap Tequila

Concrete Blonde: 'Take Me Home' video

Concrete Blonde: The Real Thing

Concrete Blonde: Group Therapy

Johnette has 2 shows coming up !!

04/01/06 APRIL FOOL'S (solo-Johnette)    at the Integratron    Landers, CA
04/03/06 Hotel Cafe (solo-Johnette)                                       Hollywood, CA

Buzz Gamble in Variety! Now I believe anything's possible -

'Thank you all for your love and thoughts for my brother Robert. '

Johnette has lost the e-mail of the Las Vegas photographer whose work she liked very much and also is seeking a mailing address for the fabuous Jo Soares at the Jo Soares Show in Brazil.

The Peru show has been postponed due to incomplete immigration processing and has been rescheduled for Feb 4.

Concrete Blonde sends love and strength to the extended family and friends of the House of Freaks in Richmond, Va.
The April Fool: A very special show featuring new work from recycled and found local material on view throughout the month at the legendary California landmark The Integratron with a special solo performance, short film presentation and invited guest artists opening night. Links to local hotels and other high desert points of interest
will be posted and limited trailer parking is available.
April 1st, 2006
Landers, California.

local motels and restaurants can be researched here for the people coming out.

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Johnette will be performing at the
ROCKRGRL MUSIC SHOWCASE on Friday 11/11/2005.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Coyote Fest !

This week: 'Group Therapy'
available for the first time as a digital download
Through CDBABY.

"Our constitutional system really places the primary authority in each
state with the Governor."
Chertoff, Homeland Security

"...unless it's California or any State approving medical marijuana or gay marriage...."
Johnette Napolitano, Horrified American Taxpayer Still Looking for Missing Friends
Please donate to the New Orleans SPCA.
Owners have been forced to abandon their animals.
The bulk of my donations have gone to this cause.
Go to NOLA.COM and you will see how many people are suffering from having to leave their beloved pets. I couldn't think of leaving ChiChi, Frida and Coco behind. There are people braving the hellish conditions and day-to-day changing local martial laws in order to break into people's homes to save their animals. I am grateful for their efforts and I hope you will support them.
Please help. Thank you. -Johnette


Johnette's New Website will go live on September 22nd !

NEW Diary Entry (August 2005)

All proceeds of Johnette's & Buzz Gamble's 'Cheap Tequila' will go to flood relief in New Orleans
We Love You New Orleans !

See the Late Great Buzz Gamble in the promo clip for
'The Last Western'
THANK YOU for your strength, sacrifice and voice. THANK YOU.
-Johnette Napolitano

New Links Updates

...see Johnette's photo of San Francisco's ZONK
during their recent visit to The Integratron

Johnette will present Patti Smith with the Woman of Valor Award
at the ROCKRGRL Magazine Conference in Seattle November 10.

NEW Diary Entry (July 2005)

July 20 is National Tree Day. Don't waste water.
Place an offering to the Native Spirits of the land;
and pray how and to whomever you like.
Thanks to Mylo Ironbear for the heads up and
for his cherished friendship.

NEW Diary Entry (June 2005)

Concrete Blonde will be contributing music to and appearing in an independent film TBA.

Johnette & Bernadette are recording together (she of the fabulous 'Mexican Moon ' French voice)

Check out Johnette's 'The Last Word' in the current issue of ROCKRGRL Magazine (ISSUE #55 May/June 2005)

Johnette sings on Wes Borland's up coming solo album.
Check out photos of Johnette and Wes Borland

Watch the 'My Tornado At Rest' video available for streaming here.

NEW Diary Entry (4/18/05)

Congratulations to Esteban Lopez Morata for his photo being chosen for the London Show Photo Contest !
View the photo here.

Watch the 'A Road' video available for streaming here.

NEW Diary Entry (1/20/05)

Contrary to the rumor going around, Johnette has never been asked to nor does she ever plan to audition for INXS although she wishes the band the best in the world.

Johnette's art will once again this year be part of Austin's Rawk Show III in March.


Order Johnette's 'Sketchbook 2'
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